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Technical Support Services

Metropolitan Planning Organizations have legislatively mandated responsibilities for coordinating regional transportation planning and for ensuring the consistency of these transportation plans with local land use plans and with regional air quality and environmental planning. In the future these needs may extend even further into areas of economic development, housing affordability, and other domains. It is critical that these operational needs are supported by decision support tools for land use, transportation, and environmental planning that are robust, efficient, user-friendly, and well integrated into the daily operational activities of these agencies. Cities, Counties and other governmental agencies also have operational needs for land use, transportation, and environmental analytic and decision support tools.

UrbanSim and the Open Platform for Urban Simulation, provide an open source infrastructure to support these needs. These software platforms have been funded with extensive research support from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Highway Department, and by a variety of contracts with metropolitan planning agencies. While there will continue to be research investments in developing new algorithms, models, visualizations, and interfaces, there is a need to more directly support the needs of operational users who need a stable, robust, efficient, and user friendly system, helpful documentation, training, and access to technical support.

In response to the need for professional quality support services, UrbanSim developers and collaborators have organized to provide technical support services to users, and to support the ongoing maintenance and refinement of the system to make it robust, efficient, straightforward to use -- in short: to make it a powerful and effective tool for users to get their work done. In addition to the free services described on the Community page, professional, fee-based technical support services are also available to the UrbanSim Community through Urban Analytics, Inc. These services include:

  • MaintenanceAgreements provide priority response to bug fixes and technical support, and support the ongoing maintenance of UrbanSim. We urge all users of UrbanSim to participate in its maintenance, in order to ensure the long-term maintenance and development of the system.
  • UserTraining courses range from an introductory one-day course, to advanced training on model development and programming.
  • Customized application development services, model specification and estimation, and the development of new features may also be contracted directly through Urban Analytics, Inc.
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