Development Constraints

The development_constraints table defines constraints to restrict development on parcels. Each row in the table defines a unique constraint. The Development Project Proposal Sampling Model (DPPSM) generates proposals for a parcel using the constraint(s) and by selecting appropriate records from the development_templates_table that will fit on the available land of the parcel. The DPPSM determines the applicable constraint(s) for a parcel by selecting a record in the development_constraints table based on the parcel's plan_type_id (not generic_land_use_type_id). A parcel may have a constraint for 'far' and/or 'units_per_acre'. Note that this table is substantially different than its gridcell counterpart due to the differences in the real estate models of these versions.


Column Name Data Type Required Description
constraint_id Integer Y A unique id for the constraint
constraint_type String Y The density measure for the constraint. The value must be either 'units_per_acre' for residential land or 'far' for nonresidential land.
generic_land_use_type_id Integer Y The id of the generic land use.
plan_type_id Integer Y The id of the plan_type
minimum Integer Y The minimum density allowed by the constraint
maximum Integer Y The maximum density allowed by the constraint

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